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The Real Issue With Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Review

Identifying the right issue can extend the life of a game.

The real issue with Sea of Thieves is something JG13 Gamer and I have been discussing for the last few weeks before stumbling onto the answer.

We started the discussion by digging Hit Reg. You know where you think you have the opponent dead to rights and hit him straight on, but the hit never registers.

This can be frustrating on multiple levels and something we have seen documented in plenty of Sea of Thieves videos.

While this is an issue and can be annoying, there is a bigger problem.

The game can not decide what it want to be. The game is described as a shared world adventure game. But what does that mean?

The problem is the game started out catering to a PvP environment but over the years, we have seen players ask for PvP free servers.

Rare has not taken that route, but they have gone a long way to strengthen the PvE environment.

They create an Arena area to help quell some of the open world PvP but it has been left to the side as it falters. The original PvP prefer the open seas than to confined corners.

There most recent attempt is A Pirate’s Life where we see them partner up with Disney to bring a Jack Sparrow adventure to the game. 

What now?

It is up to Rare. They need to make a decision on the direction of the game. It is impossible to cater to two different styles and keep both happy.

They need to commit to one of them and focus their efforts on it. Sadly it might be determined by money but at least one side will be happy.

What do you think are the Real Issue With Sea of Thieves?

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