The Skylander Swap Force Figures Wave 1

Skylanders Swap Force

Power Boy and I have been spending the last few weeks scouring the internet to see what we could find on the first wave of figures that will be released when Skylander Swap Force goes on sale.

By no means do we think this list is 100% accurate but based on what we have seen, this here is who we think is going to be available during Wave 1 release.

We already know the starter pack is going to include Wash Buckler, Blast Zone, and Ninja Stealth Elf.

In addition, we think these Skylanders will be available.

Hoot Loop

Magna Charge

Free Ranger

Rattle Shake

Fiery Forge Battle Pack (Including Terrafin & Bumble Blast)

Tower of Time Adventure Pack (Including Pop Thorn)

We will update this list as the days count down to the release.

Do you have any ideas on who else is going to be released during Wave 1? If you do, feel free to share. 

Share away.

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