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The Suicide Squad Is Worth the Reboot

The Suicide Squad

Or a sequel.

The Suicide Squad came back to the big screen with a new look for the most part, but was there enough to to warrant it?

We feel Warner Bros lucked out when they snagged Gunn to take up this movie and boy are are glad they did.

Hands down, this is one of the more entertaining movies we have seen since 2020. Yes, we are getting that out of the way before we go any further.

We will do our best to restrain from any spoilers. 

The character they brought around this time were a welcome change of pace. Whether it was the single mindedness of Peacemaker or the mother issues for Polka Dot man. Gunn did a great job with the new Squad to bring something where we felt a connection to the character. There are a few who bit the bullet that made us sad to see them go.

Another thing Gunn brought to the table was a different approach behind the lens. Our favorite shot of the movie had to be the fight scene where it was capture via the reflection of Peacemaker’s helmet. 

Oh yes, there is violence to the nth degree.

There were a few negatives from our perspective. 

How is the Third Act villain all of the sudden free? We had an idea it was tied to the Thinkner but ot 100% sure.

Since this appears to be a sequel of sorts, we would have liked more of a send off to a few of the previous characters, but then it might have overloaded the movie. 

In the end, this is a definite improvement on the original and glad to see some lesser known DC character get some screen time. Even if you were a fan of the 2016 version, you should give this one a chance. 

What did you think of The Suicide Squad?

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