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Our Least Favorite Super Powers

So many possible super powers to chose from.

We have already discussed the super powers we loved and thought it was time to share with you our least favorite super powers.

Despite what they show in the various forms of media, there are some super powers that are less than desirable.

Maybe it is a power we see as more cumbersome than helpful or find no real use for it.

Either way, these are a few of the super powers we like the least.

Ability to Stretch

Sure, guys like Reed Richards and Plastic Man, makeĀ  the ability look cool, but we do not see the real desire behind it. We see this power more as a convenience, like being able to grab something from the other room without getting up from your chair.

Item Based

The biggest problem we see with super powers tied to a specific item is, once it is gone then so is the power. This could be quite a burden on someone who is continually losing their items.


Yes not being able to die does sound appealing on the surface. Who would not want to live forever. But the reality of it has to be awful. You live on while everyone else grows old and dies. Thanks but no thanks. We would deal with our own death.

Color Changing

Honestly, we were not even sure this super power really existed until we did some research. sure enough Color Kid had this power where he could reverse the color or something, like changing the color of the sky and ground. Guess it could be useful, but not sure how much. This is one we would pass on it.

Let us know what is your least favorite super power.

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