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The Top Five Power Rangers Series

In 2013, the Power Rangers Mega Force will be coming out and we are very excited to check out the new series. We thought this would be a good time for Power Boy to rank his top five Power Ranger television series.

# 5 – Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
We picked up NetFlix over the summer and found out several other Power Ranger series. One of the ones Power Boy liked was Lost Galaxy. He liked the characters and their weapons. He might have liked it more but he did not care for the space theme too much.

 # 4 – Power Rangers RPM

This series, RPM, caught out Power Boy’s attention when they did a crossover with Power Rangers Samurai.He did enjoy some of the episodes we found on NetFlix but never seemed too enthralled with it like the previous one.

# 3 – Power Rangers Dino Thunder
How could you go wrong with Dinosaur Zords. While Power Boy did enjoy them,we did not like the theme song & some of the bad guys were bland.. This show does have one of the original Power Rangers Tommy, aka the Green Ranger.

# 2 – Power Ranger Jungle Fury

When we first started watching the series on Nick, Power Boy wasn’t sure. For starters. there were only three Power Rangers in the beginning. He began to warm up to it and especially liked it when the Masters came into the series and worked with the  Rangers.

# 1- Power Ranger Samurai

This is the series that introduced us back to the world of Power Rangers. Not only is he a major fan of the Zords, Power Boy digs the armor the Rangers have. This series was the first time where the majority of the acting was actually decent. This gives us high hopes for Power Rangers Mega Force.

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