There is An Overload on Funko Product


Amazing how things have changed over the years with Funko.

We slowly became a fan of the collectibles but in recent months we have begun to feel there is an overload of Funko product out there.

This is a big change in our line of thought. A few years back we were wondering what direction their Pop Figures could take. Now we feel like there is an over abundance of Funko product everywhere.

This idea cropped up because the market feels like it is being over saturated with Pop Figures, t-shirts, action figures, and even cereal.

Then we saw a recent post we saw where it showcased Funko Pez dispensers.


Funko Product

Pez dispensers have been around for some time and it did not seem there would be a need to branch into his partnership. It makes us wonder what else they will move toward when they see stagnant sales and want to break in a new product.

Perhaps Funko will bring us collector cards, or even a Pop Figure movie. I mean they are already making a Pop Figure video game.

Perhaps they will cut back on some of their product but only seeing that happen when sales drop. Hopefully it happens before then so they can continue on with the stuff people care about.

Do you think there is an overload of Funko product or do you want to see more?

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