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5 Things That Should Happen This Year in the WWE

WWE 2017

February is coming to an end and we have already seen Bray Wyatt become champion and the end to a friendship.

The up and down start in the WWE universe this year made us start to think about the five things that should happen this year.

We took a look at the ever growing stable of wrestlers on both RAW and Smackdown and thought what would make it more enjoyable on a weekly basis.

These are a few things we feel would help keep WWE moving in the right direction with their fans.

Styles Move to RAW

He has done a great job on bringing legitimacy to the Blue network but the time has come to move him to the Monday show. His presence there will help them develop some A+ matches. He could help elevate the eventual title run of Roman Reigns.

Charlotte Takes a Backseat

Sure she has been solid as the Heel Woman’s Champ, but the time has come to move away from her for a few. They should make the move to a Banks / Bayley feud and keep the queen out until the Fall or Winter.

The Miz Title Run

While we are not always a big fan of him, you have to give the Miz his due. He has been solid on the mic and pushing the heel role. It would make sense if they get smart and move A.J. Styles to RAW.

John Cena Breaks Flair’s Record

This should be a given but it seems they are content on kicking the can down the road. It would serve them well to get it done earlier in the year. This way they could move their focus onto younger wrestlers and let the man, Cena, retire.

Skip the Shield Reunion

Yes, while we would love to see this, it does not make sense at this time. Rollins and Reigns are making their own waves on Raw and Ambrose helps keep Smackdown at the top. If they moved the lunatic fringe from Tuesday night, we don’t think it would be worthwhile in the end.

Bonus: WWE Reduces The PVV Events

We do enjoy watching a PPV event but with the split between RAW and Smackdown, there is no enough ump there to keep fans interested.

 What else do you think should happen in the WWE 2017?

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