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Things We Don’t Want in The Justice League Snyder Cut

Snyder Cut

Some have been counting down the days.

Justice League Snyder Cut will be debuting this month but there are a few things we hope Snyder doesn’t add to the reboot.

We know some fans might have not been a big supporter of the Justice League, but we felt there were some bright spots. A did not and made their voice known. 

In the end, we see this reboot as a possible troublesome trend. But we are not here to discuss the can of worms it could open. Instead here are a couple of things we really do not want to see.

Death of Main Heroes

Honestly this is something that would not bug us but we are already dealing with the death of Superman from BvS. It is fine if the characters are dead in the Knightmare world. We do not want to see the rumors come true where we might see Aquaman or Wonder Woman taking a dirt nap by the end of this reboot. If we did, then it would lead to the following.

Convoluted Timeline Scenes

If we see major things happen, like character deaths or new ones cropping up, there are going to be issues with the timelines in other movies. Sure we may see the Flash fix this but it is still will leave major holes in the plots. 

Emo Justice League

The final thing we want to add is we do not need to see all of the character dark and dreary like Batman. If the entire movie takes place in the Knightmare world, then we would understand why. However it doesn’t and we shouldn’t. We feel this is a lazy way out instead of finding a unique way to merge the various characters together on the screen.

Extra Footage / Second Director’s Cut

Sorry there is no option for Snyder to offer any extra footage when it comes to the Blu-Ray or DVD. He lost the option by giving us four hours for this movie. He is already sneaking in things he never planned on…like the Joker.

Is there anything  you don’t want to see in the Justice League Snyder Cut?

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