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Things We Don’t Want MK 11 To Carryover

Netherrealm Studios is ready to move on from MK 11.

The moment we heard the news, we started to think about the things we don’t want MK 11 to carryover into the next game in the franchise. 

Sure we don’t expect them to be starting on the next Mortal Kombat game anytime soon, but these issues are fresh in our minds.

Here are a few things we would like to see them not carry on to the next Mortal Kombat game.

Armor Breaks

Good idea, bad execution. The problem is they decided to make it too specific. Some character have them available on all version, others only have it on one build or another. Then there are how the armor breaks can happen. Some are easy and some are downright a pain and useless. Looking at you Johnny Cage. They should be more balanced. 


Another common issue we see is how breakaways are not created equal. This is is important when there are ones who can breakaway in the air while most can’t. A simple fix would to make sure it can only happen on the ground.

Crushing Blows

Good concept, but it feels like poor excevution. Honestly we would prefer to see a cap on them, maybe no more than 4 crushing blows. Also make them on a more even playing field. There are some crushing blows that are too specific or obtuse when it comes to being able to use them.

In Game speed

The game is fun to play, but it can feel disinteresting when watching it. The players seem like they are moving in slow motion. Maybe it is due to some other fighting games like Dragonball Fighter Z, but we are not so sure. Either way, they should amp up the speed of the characters for the next game.

Sure we would like to have all of these things fixed or wiped, but we know that is not possible at Netherrealm Studios

What would you like not to see from MK 11 To Carryover. 

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