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Things We Hope To See in the Hello Neighbor Release

Hello Neighbor Review

One of the most anticipated PC games of 2017 will hit the shelves this month but will it live up to the hype?

We are less than 20 days away from the long awaited Hello Neighbor release and wanted to share our thoughts on what we hope made the final cut.

Every since we caught first glimpse of this game on Youtube, it jumped to the top of our Most Anticipated list of 2017.

The intriguing plot about a shady neighbor is really what caught out attention. But the game offered a unique style when it came to the characters and the actual game play.

We say a lot of progress through the Alpha and Beta stages but it did make us think what we were going to see in the live edition. We sat down and discussed the the few things we hope makes the cut in the Hello Neighbor Release.

  • More NPC Involvement – We are not asking for a vast population but rather more than just a handful of individuals who we encounter in the game. They all do not have to be a vital part of the story.
  • More buildings to explore – Through out the early stages we were limited in what we could explore while being teased to various buildings off the map. We hope there is a chance to wander more of the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Trapping the Neighbor – Every since we learned we could trap the neighbor during the Alpha stages we haveloved seeing what we could do. Tossing the glue at him is fun too.

 Once the game is released, make sure to check back for our final review of it.

Is there anything you would like to see in the Hello Neighbor Release?

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