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Thor Love and Thunder: The Norse God Continues to Surprise Us

Can the Thor arc continue or fall flat?

Thor Love and Thunder kicked off last week but was the story enough to keep fans coming back for the MCU?

By the end of the Infinity Wars saga, Thor had grown to become a favorite thanks to his arc.

This alone has made Thor the flag carrier for Phase 4 where the focus has been loss and how heroes deal with it. Though this is a different approach from the first three phases, it is a welcome change.

On to our review. 

Plenty of positives to go around.

We have a tie who stole the show but the edge goes to Gorr the God Butcher. 

You get to see why he turned against the gods along with Bale doing a darn fine acting job to show how creepy he could be. Whether it was sitting in the dark portion of the cage while listening to the children, or the battle in the Shadow world.

It was interesting to see how he predictive his own demise due to love.

The 1A was Mighty Thor, Jane Foster. We are glad to see they made us of the character instead of how she was left in Dark World. Though we had an idea on how the story might go, it was still a pleasure to see.

Another big pulse was how they portrayed Gorr. Each fight he seemed to have the upper hand and made Thor look like he wasn’t ready. It took destroying the Necrosword for them to get the upper hand. 

Last but not least was Korg. It was nice to learn more about his race. As different as it might be, it was refreshing.

There were a few things that did not sit right with us.

Though we are a fan of Gorr the God Butcher, we would have enjoyed seeing more of just that. This would help set the tone to show how dangerous he was. One easy way would be with the Guardians were reviewing the distress signals. Maybe instead of seeing images of the aftermath, they could have showed a montage of Gorr delivering the final blow to a few gods.

Another issue was Thor’s relationships with his weapons. Perhaps we missed it before but we don’t recall him speaking to them nor did they have their own intelligence. 

Don’t get us wrong, this is an interesting take, but why not show it before? It felt like they went back to it a few times during the movie. 

In the end, if you are a fan of the Marvel Universe or Thor, this is one you need to see.

Yes, there are two post credit scenes so make sure not to leave your seats too soon. They both harken back to the early days of Stage 1.

If you had a chance to see Thor Love and Thunder, let us know what you thought.

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