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Thor Ragnarok Review: Best Thor Yet

Thor Ragnarok Movie

Can the God of Thunder survive the Ragnarok?

The missing avenger was brought back to the screen in a big way and proved to help make our Thor Ragnarok review easier than we had hoped.

There was a lot riding on the shoulders of Thor Ragnarok. The movie is bringing us closer to the Infinity Wars and has been important critical to wrapping up the missing Avengers.

The cat is our of the bag about this latest Thor movie. Most people have already heard it is the best Thor movie yet and they are right.

There was a different approach to this movie than previous one. We had a chance to see Thor grow on several levels. While it was cool to see the Odin Force being used, the relationship growth with Loki was even better. Maybe it was the brother thing.

The color and feel of the movie was great too. Sure some said it reminded them of GoTG. I don’t think it went to that level, instead relying upon the own world they created.

Hela was another bright spot of the movie. She was a solid villain who earned her stripes during the movie. In fact had this movie come out earlier in the year, she would have joined Loki on our top five favorite MCU Villains.

Despite the positives, there are some negatives to the movie.

We did like the inclusion of Surtur in the movie but we thought he would play a bigger part. He was critical to the movie’s conclusion but felt like a tool to reach the end.

Bruce Banner.

We loved the relationship dynamic he had as the Hulk with Thor. What felt off was how he was responding in human form to being on another planet. Also at times, it seemed like Banner was aware of what the Hulk was doing while other times, it was like he had no clue.

In the end, if you have not see Thor Ragnarok yet, we do recommend to go check it out in theaters. It is definitely something to see on the big screen. Oh, there is a mid post scene and a post credit scene so don’t head out before then. 

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