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Our Thoughts: Batman V Superman Trailer

The Batman v. Superman Trailer is a mix of good and bad.

We have watched the trailer a few times and while we are excited for the movie, feel there are some glaring things that stuck out from the trailer.

For starters, we loved the build up to when Batman and Superman meet. The trailer does a good job of filling us with anticipation but does not give too much away about the battle.

We are on board with everyone who is not sold on the actor playing Lex Luthor but we are super curious to see what direction it takes. If this movie is going to find success in launching the Justice League, Luthor will need to shine.

Also on the positive side, we found the appearance of Doomsday more appealing than we originally thought it would be. We had some concern on the direction there were going and while we are not 100% happy with it, it is better than we hoped.

One negative thing we have to say is the appearance of Wonder Woman. While we are excited to see her in the films, we know when the big reveal is going to happen. We felt the intro would have been better saved as a secret.

We are also a bit disappointed right now because the way the trailer plays out, it appears the movie is laid out for you. In reality we hope there is more to the movie than what we see in the Batman v Superman trailer, but there is some doubt.

Oh on a side note, how does master detective Bruce Wayne not know Clark Kent is Superman?

Overall, there is nothing in this travel to turn us off from seeing the movie but it did nothing to build the excitement.

Maybe your thoughts are different on the Batman v Superman trailer, either way let us know.

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