Our Thoughts on Captain America Civil War Trailer

Captain America Civil War Review

In case you missed it, the Captain America Civil War trailer is out.

Even though we have almost five months until the movie releases, the Captain America Civil War trailer requires us to talk about it now.

Based on Captain America 2, we had high hopes for this movie and boy we were not disappointed by the end of this trailer.

The tension built up through the trailer is giving us a glimpse of what will transpire and create the rift between the Avengers. This rift is essential for the future of the Marvel Universe and the story line it is going down.

The table was set for some high end action scenes as we caught a glimpse of the Winter Solider and Captain America going against Iron Man. Tony seemed to hold his own for a while, but the end does not look good.

Another scene we liked is the chase through the tunnel, where it looks like Bucky, Captain America, and the Black Panther are racing it out. We just can’t tell who is chasing whom.

There have been countless rumors as to what may happen by the end of the movie. We won’t even touch them now except we expect to see a causality. I am looking at you Crossbones.

We do have one request. We need to see Hawkeye shoot an arrow with the Ant-Man riding it.

What we do expect is this movie will be the tops in terms of action and storyline.

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