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Tiresome Superhero Movie Tropes

Either you love them or you hate them.

Superhero Movie Tropes abound in almost every films, the heavy handed ones tend to stick out more and make us groan.

Years ago, tropes never bothered people too much. But as time has gone on, we have seen how much they can make a decent movie less than.

Sometimes it is easy to lose count of how many there are. No matter. Here are a few of those tropes which drive us batty.

Dream Sequences

Some times they can be useful, but most of the time it feels like it was used as a filler. Whether it is dreaming of someone who died earlier on in the film or of what may happen if the hero does not save the day. These are something we could do without.

Damsel in Distress

Yes, we understand this is how movies used to be written, but in this day and age, it is a trope that needs to disappear. Would be nice if we see some changes are this, and keep the audience guessing.

Fake Death

Hero or villain. The worse thing we could have is see them die on the screen only to not really be dead and come back to life in the next scene. Sometimes it is good for them to remain that way or skip the part overall. 

The Macguffin

The characters should drive the movie. Not an item that everyone wants for some reason. We have seen some examples of this in WW 1984. There are times with the writers and directors should be ashamed of using an easy tool instead of putting in some effort.

What do you think are the worst Superhero Movie Tropes?

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