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TMNT Out of the Shadows Review: Better Than the First Sort Of

TMNT Out of the Shadows

Summer 2016 is filled with sequels and TMNT Out of the Shadows is right there in the middle of the pack.

We caught a weekday showing with a sequel we were timid about seeing and now are ready to share our TMNT Out of the Shadows review.

Full disclaimer: I was a big fan of the TMNT in my younger days and while we have tried to get behind the newest incarnation, it has been difficult.

Yes the appearance of the turtles is a bit off but it is better than the costumes they used to wear during the earlier movies. We do like how there are some physical difference between the brothers which makes sense.

The biggest thing to remember is this movie has no intention of being up for an award so on to the review.

TMNT Out of the Shadows Review Rocksteady BeebopOne definite highlight of the TMNT movie was Rocksteady and Beebop. They provided some decent comic relief and we loved the interaction between the two of them.

The action scenes between the Foot Soldiers and the Turtles were solid and the addition of Casey Jones was welcomed. Michael Bay did a decent job of not going to crazy but just enough with the action.

The plot was more in-depth this time and it gave you a decent look at some of the underlying currents between the turtles.

TMNT Out of the Shadows ShredderOn the flip side, there were a few things about the movie which were a big downer. Sure there was constant product placement Bay is famous for. I think we lost track how many times we saw Crush featured.

The biggest issue we had was with Shredder. We do like the direction they took with a new actor but overall, he seems less imposing without the god awful armor they gave him in the first one. Perhaps next time, they can meet somewhere in the middle ground?

Overall, we were are just north of the Equator when it comes to the movie. If you have some cash burning a hole in your wallet, then go check the movie out. Otherwise you can wait for it to pop up on DVD.

If you have not caught a glimpse of the action figures for this movie, make sure to check them out.

Let us know your own thoughts and share your TMNT Out of the Shadows review.

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