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Tournament at Camelot by WizKids Available Now

Tournament at Camelot

The Knights of the Round Table have intrigued people over the years and WizKids has decided to create an interesting card game.

The Tournament at Camelot game pits players against each other as they use various skills to whittle down their opponents health to claim victory.

We have always loved what WizKids have come up with in the past. Whether it was the Expanse Board game or various Dice Master games, the company has always done a solid job in creating something entertaining.

This game will allow you to play a legendary character, the Protagonist,  and battle opponents with various weapon cards, like Arrows, Swords, Sorcery or Alchemy. The game ends when your opponents has been injured to the point of death.

The Tournament at Camelot set will contain the following;

  •  8 Protagonist cards
  • 9 Companion cards
  • 60 Weapon cards
  • 15 Alchemy cards
  • 3 Merlin cards
  • 2 Sorcerer Apprentice cards
  • 25 Godsend cards
  • 12 Health cards
  • 10 tokens

We are definitely interested in checking the game out. A MSRP of $24.99 seems about right and not too expensive to give it a try. We will be sure to offer our feedback on it.

Let us know if you are going to pick up Tournament at Camelot and your thoughts on it if you have it.

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