Toy Customization: Ben 10 Albedo Figures

Ben 10 Albedo Swampfire & Albedo Lodestar

We decided to kick off our long overdue toy customization series with our Ben 10 Albedo figures.

Over the last year, Power Boy managed to pick up a few duplicate Ben 10 figures but he wasn’t sure what to do with them.

That was until we noticed there was a lack of Ben 10 villain figures.

Ben 10 Albedo Four Arms & Albedo Diamondhead

So we decided to convert Swampfire, Lodestar, Four Arms, and Diamondhead into the Albedo versions.

All we needed was a fine paintbrush and some fire engine red hobby paint.

While these customizations were quite simple to accomplish, Power Boy has been more than thrilled with the results.

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