Toy Customization: Ben 10 Omniverse XLR8

Ben 10 Omniverse XLR8

Power Boy has been hooked on the new Ben 10 Omniverse show and it has carried over to our own toy customization projects.

He decided the other day that he wanted a updated XLR8 figure for the 16 year old Ben 10.

All we needed to do was to use some green paint on the white shirt and the chest Omnitrix pieces. We decided to use some black paint to essentially wipe out one of the turquoise rings.

The paint has held up okay, except for the black paint we used to on the tail. Some of it has started to wear away.

We figure one one brief touch-up and he will be ready to go.

Is there any older Ben 10 toys you would like to customize?

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