Toy Customization: Zombie Optimus Prime

Zombie Optimus Prime

One of the customizations we are most proud at the Toy Locker is our zombie Optimus Prime.

It came as a result of Optimus Prime arm breaking off.  At first we were undecided what we wanted to do, we contemplated just discarding the toy.

Then we were inspired by the Tranformers Prime show where dark energon created zombies out of deceased transformers.

We only used a few tools to make the alterations we wanted. We have several small files to help give Optimus Prime the worn look.

This included several deep gouges in the armor and broken pieces. We also used some red and purple paint on the figure to add a bit more to it.

Overall, we are quite please with what we did and are glad we were able to ‘resurrect’ the toy.

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