Toy ER: Ben 10 Omniverse Four Arms

Things have been going well in 2013 and Power Boy has managed to make it through the first three months with only one toy being submitted to the Toy ER.

This last week, he had to admit the Four Arms figure from Ben 10 Omniverse. The injury was a bit more severe than the last one considering the leg snapped off.

A little bit of super glue and some time off his feet has Four Arms back on the mend.

While he is going to lose the movement in his left leg, he is ready to go to take on Malware. The only  thing left as a reminder is his uneven standing position.

Four Arms Before

Four Arms After

2013 Statistics

Injured Toys – 2

Toys Saved – 2

Toys Lost – 0

Legendary Dad will do his best to keep his recovery percentage near or at 100%, though it is going to be a difficult task.

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