Toy Find: Ben 10 Vehicles

We are going to start pack up with our Toy Find series by showing off the Ben 10 Vehicles we found last weekend via Craigslist.

We do check Craigslist every so often to see if we can find any toys for sale but the majority of the time, we strike out.

This time was different.

There was a family in the area looking to unload a sizeable Ben 10 collection. One of the best sets from the collection was these Ben 10 vehicles.

  • Diamondhead Vehicle
  • Heatblast Vehicle
  • XLR8 Vehicle
  • Stinkfly Vehicle
  • Wild Mutt Vehicle
  • Upgrade Vehicle

These vehicles came out for Ben 10 Alien Force and were on the shelves prior to Power Boy becoming a big fan of the television show.

What makes these Ben10 Vehicles even cooler is when you flip them over, you get a second version which is driven by the alien formation. Also they each have a button which lights up the alien figure in the vehicle.

We do have some more to share from the Ben 10 collection, but you will need to check back for that.

Share away.

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