Toy Locker Battle: Rath vs Armadrillo

Ben 10 Armadrillo

Here is our second installment of our Toy Locker Battle series. This time we both ended up picking characters from the same series.

Power Boy has selected Armadrillo and I mad the decision to pick Rath. Both of these characters are from the Ben 10 series and represent unique abilities.

On to the battle.

Here are the three reasons why Power Boy thinks Armadrillo will come out on top.
– Super toughness
– Has impervious armor
– Is able to create sneak attacks from below.

Ben 10 Rath

These are the three reasons why I think Rath would be victorious.
– His strength
– The wrestling moves he uses
– His attitude

At first I thought I had the upper hand in this fight until Power Boy brought up some excellent points. In the end I think the winner of this battle is a 50/50 while Power Boy thinks Armadrillo will win nine out of ten times.

What do you think?

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