Toy Locker Battle: Way Big vs Hulkbuster Ironman

Way Big

Lately, Power Boy and I have been having in-depth discussions about some of our favorites heroes from the cartoon and comic world.

Specifically it has been the debate of who could beat who if worlds collided and some of our heroes have had a chance to go head to head.

So we decided to start a new series of posts to help us end the debate, or perhaps start a new one.

We will kick of our first battle between Way Big from Ben 10 versus the Hulkbuster Ironman

Hulkbuster Ironman

Power Boy thinks Way Big would rip apart the Hulkbuster Ironman armor. He would have the advantage because he is extremely strong and should be able to withstand any kind of attack thrown at him.

I think the fight would be closer than Power Boy does. Ironman will make good use of his Hulkbuster technology and try to find the weak points of Way Big. Even though Hulkbuster Ironman is bigger than the standard armor, it should be more mobile than Way Big.

In the end, the nod goes to Way Big who we think would come out on top nine out of ten times.

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