Toy Locker Review: Smallworld Underworld

Smallworld Underground

After a visit with a friend of ours, Power Boy was bitten by the board game bug.

He wanted to find something that was fun and was different from the standard board games where you go from point a to point b.

After we spent several hours shopping, Power Boy made the decision to pick up Smallworld Underground by Days of Wonder.

The standalone game caught attention based on the illustrative cover and the subsequent recommendation by the owner of the gamer store.

In the game, each player selects a race and special ability to control as they try take over the land and extended their rule. The game can be played on several sized boards and has average 1-2 hours of playing time.

Power Boy has had fun learning the game and enjoys making use of the various combinations of races and special abilities.

Two of the main reasons why I like this game is it reminds me of Risk in some ways and it has tones of replay ability.

Over all, we are more than pleased with the game and find it worth the $50 purchase price. We are glad we added Smallworld Underground to our collection.

Rating $$$$ out of $$$$$

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