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Toy Story 4 Review: New Faces Take the Lead

Toy Story 4 Review

Some of your favorites took a back seat to let other characters shine.

Pixar pulled a fast one on us after the last movie and brought the gang back for a Toy Story 4 movie.

This movie became a must see in 2019 for us but it did not make us feel any easier about how it would play out.

With that being said, on to the positives in our Toy Story 4 review.

The animation by Pixar is spot on. From the character design to the little things like cobwebs. There were times you felt the images portrayed on the screen were living and breathing.

Another big positive was the return of Bo-Peep was perfect and a needed addition back in the lineup. We gained more insight into her character and personally I feel she was the star of the movie.

The addition of Forky and Plush Rush crew was also entertaining. At first glance we were concerned but they grew on us throughout the movie.

On the downside, it felt like the creators left Buzz Lightyear out in the wind. While the focus was on Woody, they needed to remember our favorite cowboy is where he is at because of his space ranger.

Perhaps they would have been better off leaving most of the gang at home and just bringing along Buzz and Jessie.

In the end, if you are a fan of any of the previous movies, this one is a must see. If you never saw the other films before, make sure to go check them out after you see Toy Story 4.

If you had a chance to see the movie, share with us your Toy Story 4 Review.

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