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Toys’r’Us Dino Rang A Let Down for Skylander Swap Force

Dino Rang

We took a trip this weekend to Toys’r’Us to check out if they had anything new on the shelf for Skylander Swap Force.

Why, especially when Wave 3 is not scheduled to be released until sometime in December?

At the beginning of November, they had sent out flyers showing picture of Legendary Zoo Lou, Legendary Night Shift, and a figure we haven’t seen since the first game, Dino Rang.

We wanted to see what Toys’r’Us had in store for a personal favorite of Legendary Dad.

To say we were disappointed when we arrived would be an understatement.

It did not take us long to find the display cart they had set up for Dino Rang, but we did not find anything special. Instead all we found was the Dino Rang original sold for the first Skylanders, Spyro’s Adventures.

From the looks of it, we think Toys’r’Us was sitting on a bunch of these they couldn’t sell the first time through and decided to remarket them to make an extra buck or two.

While this may be a good way for newer folks to the game to pick up characters who were removed, they still don’t have the benefit of the new series characters, like a Wow Pow or the ability to switch between specializations without having to pay for them again.

In hindsight, we should have expected this, but considering how they placed it in the advertisement with other newer characters, we had a sliver of hope.

Oh well, now we just need to wait until Wave 3 gets here.

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