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Toys’R’Us is Misleading Their Skylanders Customers

While visiting one of our favorite toy stores, the other day, we discovered Toys’R’Us is misleading their Skylanders customers and boy are we disappointed.

It all started when we saw the familiar Toys’R’Us blue video game pre-order card hanging in the Skylanders sections. When we got closer, you could say our excitement increased.

The card was for a pre-order for a Skylanders SuperChargers Wii Dark Edition Starter Pack.

Why are we excited for the set? Well aside from getting Dark Super Spitfire, Dark Hot Streak, Dark Clown Cruiser, and a Kaos Trophy, you get the Dark Hammer Slam Bowser.

Sure we knew Bowser was only going to be usable on Nintendo systems but we were okay with that.

Then the bad news hit us when we had a better look at the game box itself. Skylanders-SuperChargers-Dark-Edition-Starter Closeup

This pre-order is not for the Skylanders SuperChargers where everyone will be able to battle the force of evil in and out of their vehicle. Nope, this is strictly a racing game, the one we had heard about before.

We thought maybe Toys’R’Us is misleading their Skylanders Customers by accident on their pre-order cards. But the same information shows on their site, you can check it out for yourself here at Toys’R’Us.

The issue we have here is not so much they decided to make a racing game for the Nintendo systems but by Toys’R’Us who is being a bit sneaky in their advertisement. They are letting people think that this game will be the same as the majority of Skylanders fans will have on 9/20. Instead of saying this is a pre-order for Skylanders SuperChargers, they should add the word Racing to the title.

Do you think we are being unfair or do you see this as Toys’R’Us misleading their Skylanders customers?

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