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Valve Is Tightening Up Trading on Steam

Valve does not like a cheater so it is making changes when it comes to trading games on Steam.

To enhance the online gaming experience, Valve has introduced new trading restrictions on Steam for games featuring Valve Anti-Cheat Technology.

They have decided to limit VAC games going to a person’s inventory to help prevent the stockpiling of games. Sure someone can be doing it as gifts for later on, but Valve has seen previously banned players using this system as a workaround.

All someone had to do was to hoard the game and send them out to duplicate account in case they are caught cheating, which results in a ban.

Not sure if the game is VAC? Then you can head over to this hand VAC list on Steam. Some of the games on the list are Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2, & Half-Life.

We think this is a good thing because it shows Valve is trying to make things more difficult for people who continually try to cheat the game.The only downside is if a user gifts a game to someone who is banned, the giver will be prevented from ever giving away the same title again.

Essentially make sure you know who you are giving the game too.

What do you think of the newer trading restrictions for Steam?

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