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Venom Marvel Legends Are An Interesting Bunch

Venom Marvel Legends

Venom will be on the big screen this Fall but can these action figures are the perfect way to build the hype.

The Venom Marvel Legends collection will be on the shelves prior to the movie but there are a few questions that came up when seeing them.

The six inch Marvel Legend series has been outstanding in recent years, but as with everything there has been some misses. Like Iron-Man from the Black Panther series.

The recent Venom trailers have given us ope that we were going to see much more than Venom. Maybe some of these figures might make an appearance?

The set will contain the following Marvel characters.

  • Venom
  • Carnage
  • Poison Spider-Man
  • Spider-Ham
  • Scream
  • Typhoid Mary

Here are the images of the Venom Marvel Legends collection.

Venom Marvel Legends 2

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Hands down, our favorite figure is Carnage. Not only does it come with two head variants but it comes with the wicked looking axe hand. Poison Spider-man and Scream looks pretty good as well.

We are a fan of Spider-Ham but struggle to see why they included him when they could have gone with a different Symboite.

If you are a fan of the Spideyerse, then we would recommend picking up some of these for your personal collection.

You can pre-order the collection on sites like Entertainment Earth and similar companies.

What do you think of the Venom Marvel Legends collection?

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