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Venom Review: Tasty Good

Venom Review

Parasite? I’m not a parasite.

One of Spider-Man’s better villains came to the big screen in the form of a anti-hero, which means it is time for our Venom review.

The Venom character has been an interesting one we have seen before in Spider-Man 3 but fans were slightly let down. Prior to seeing the movie, we were worried the studios would miss the mark with the big.

Were we wrong? On to our Venom review.

The biggest thing we enjoyed about the movie was Venom itself. We did not base this upon the various incarnations of Venom from the comics. Rather for what they did with him here. From the voice, to the great dialogue, and how they made him. Sure some of the CGI is not on par with higher budget movies but they made him feel different than Spider-Man. The best example of this was when he rumbled to the top of the headquarters for the paper.

Another thing we liked was Eddie Brock and the relationship he had with Venom. The dialogue was effective and you had a real feel for how the two meshed.

The final positive part we wanted to discuss is the post credit scenes. One is a quick glance Into the Spiderverse. The second one showcases where the movie may head when we meet Kletus. That manes one thing, Carnage.

There were a couple of negatives with the movie in our Venom review.

At times it feels like scenes may have been cut due. One example is why did Venom have the change of heart. Sure he made a brief comment about it, but it feels like there was a moment when it clicked.  Hopefully there is something more when they release the movie.

Another drawback to the movie was the need to use CGI to extend a scene. This stuck out to us during the chase scene once the bad guys come for Eddie.  Personally we think they would have better served just sticking with a car chase than the drone chase.

The last thing is nothing horrible but the villain felt meh. At times it seemed like we would develop nicely but he never did. We feel this is something that will change if they do a second movie.

In the end, we were pleasantly surprised with the movie and would recommend catching it in the theaters.

We seriously hope there is a sequel in the works for one reason. CARNAGE.

Share with us your own Venom review and if you think there is a future for the franchise?


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