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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Video Games Worth Considering in 2016

2016 is here and so our the video games worth considering to spend your money on.

Every video gamer will have a plethora of choices on a variety of platforms to select from this year but we are each faced with a hard decision where to spend our hard earn money? Time to decided on the video games worth considering this year.

Before we get to our choices, we decided to steer clear of most of the Xbox or Playstation games because at some point we will be picking up a new console.

Street Fighter V One of the best fighting games is back this February on the PS4 and PC with a new V-Gauge special attack and a solid cast of 16 characters. How could you go wrong with a Hadouken?

Unravel The main character, Yarny, is faced with a difficult choice. To explore the world around it by using it’s own body of yarn to do so. Interesting concept on how to balance the use of yarn. This will be on PS4, XBO, and the PC.

Tom Clancy’s The Division A Pandemic spread through New York City and players are left to explore this open online mulitplayer as they try to bring order to the chaos. Expected to drop in March for the PS4, XBO, and PC.

No Man’s Sky Maybe we have bought into the hype, but we are curious to see the endless gameplay adventure through the use of a procedurally generated open world. Should be out in June for the PS4 and PC.

Lego Marvel’s The Avengers The follow-up will continue to entertain gamers with the large cast of characters in their iconic locations.The game is slated to be released for the Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo at the end of January.

Doom Reboots in movies some times work and the same for video games. We can;’t wait to see what they have in store for us.  The plan is for it to hit the shelves sometime this year on the PC, PS4, and XBO.

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam The series continues with this newest edition with our two favorite plumbers. The 3DS will get this by the end of January.

Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 The follow-up to an interesting shooter, we will get to choose either plants or zombies in the never ending battle. The game will arrive in February for PC, PS4, and XBO.

Which are your video games worth considering this year?

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