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Villain of the Month: Doomsday

Doomsday DC

The Ultimate Killing Machine

The DC universe has their share of memorable villains so it was hard to choose from for our Villain of the Month, but we decided to go with Doomsday.


Brief History

Originally known as the Ultimate, Doomsday was born in prehistoric Krypton, long before the Kryptonian race became the top of the proverbial food chain. Scientist Berton released a humanoid infant into the unforgiving environment but it was promptly killed. Berton cloned the remains and continued an ongoing process of making stronger versions until it was the dominant force. Eventually it eradicated all of the predators on the planet, including Berton, before it escaped.

Most people remember Doomsday from the 1992 story-line “The Death of Superman.” This was where fans witnessed an epic battle which ended with the two titans killing each other at the same time.

He has recently resurfaced in Batman v Superman where it took up the role of battling Superman, along with the help of Batman and Wonder Woman.


Aside from the super strength, one of the more impressive things about Doomsday is his resistance to injuries. Essentially he becomes more invulnerable to various attacks if he is not injured beyond his ability to recover.

At one point, his skeleton protruded though his skin and formed razor sharp spurs which gave him protection over vital organs and added more damage to his attacks.


Despite all of the raw power, there is not much in terms of development. At times in other miniseries, writers have give him more intellect and saw the potential behind a more evolved Doomsday. Despite this, there seemed to be a lack of depth to the character.


SupermanBest Hero

Doomsday has gone toe to toe with plenty of heroes, but there is no denying who should be at the top of the list, Superman.

The battle between these two was something to behold and the end for “The Death of Superman” could have not been written any better.

What are your thoughts on Doomsday?

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