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Villain of the Month: Ares


When it comes to villains in the DC Universe, there are some who bring war with them and others who are just war.

Many may know of Ares from Greek lore, but there is much more to him in the vast DC Universe. Just ask his number one enemy Wonder Woman.

We have covered some unique villains like the Joker or Carnage but so far none have been like the God of War.

Brief History

Area first appeared in Wonder Woman # 1. The following episode he took up the name Mars, which lasted until 1987 when the Greek name was restored.

The son of Zeus, Ares, never fit in with the other gods of Olympus and he made it his mission to fill the world with hatred and warfare. Battle after battle, he was opposed by Wonder Woman who has managed to gain the upper hand and stop his plans.

He has gone through several revisions, with the latest Ares who thrives on spreading fear and war across the world.


Yes, Ares has all the traits of a God you would expect, from super strength to speed. One of the more intriguing abilities he has is being able to influence hatred and war to those in his proximity. Riots have broken out with Ares doing nothing more than enjoying a drink at a local bar. To make matters worse, those battles heal the God of War if he is injured.


The main problem we see with Ares is the lack of originality with the character. He was derived from the Greek God and while DC has tried to shape him into different versions, he does not seem to distinct from the other level 2 villains.

Wonder WomanBest Hero

There is no better option here than Wonder Woman.The newest incarnation of the princess has her growing up under the tutelage of Ares. The two clash often over philosophical difference which often left to confrontational battles. They both bring the best out in each outer.


In the end, Ares is a mixed bag of a villain. If you are a fan of the cerebral type, then you will find yourself liking him the more you read up on him. Otherwise, he may just seem like another God on a power trip.

Let us know what you think of the villain Ares.

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