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Villain of the Month: Carnage


Darker than Venom.

Villains come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the more darker ones from the Marvel universe is Carnage.

The Symbiote offspring of Venom has proven to be quite burdensome to the heroes he has encountered and has made life a living hell for them.

Brief History

Cletus Kasady was locked away in Ryker’s Island when he first encountered the symbiote offspring left behind after Venom’s escape. Carnage burst onto the scene and left a series of murders in his wake while leaving his name written in blood,

During his first battle with Spider-man, Carnage had no issues dealing with him until Venom made a truce with the wall crawler.

After numerous escapades, Carnage is defeated at the hands of Venom when it reabsorbs the symbiote into his stream.


Carnage’s abilities to create various shapes or projectiles always made him an attractive villain when it came to pure fighting power.

The enhanced strength of Carnage had helped give him the edge over Spider-man and proved useful down the road with other battles, like with the Silver Surfer.


While we all like to root for the bad guy at times, there have been occasions when it is hard to pull for Carnage or more specifically the psycho path who is behind it.

There are fleeting moments where you can see the human side but it is always snuffed out before anything good can happen.

Best Hero

Venom was a close choice here, but we have the edge to Spider-man. The two combined their efforts to take him down the first time.


When it comes down to it, Carnage is almost the perfect villain. He is done right maddening to go against and the slim chance of him doing the right thing gives some a reason to fight for.

Carnage rules.



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