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Villain of the Month: Dormammu


Our villain of the month has appeared during six decades of Marvel publications and has been referred to as a threat to the life of the universe itself.

In terms of name recognition, Dormammu may not be at the top of the list but by no means is he a slouch in the Marvel villain department.

In the past, we have discussed more popular villains like Ultron or Carnage. This time around we wanted to focus on a lesser know villain who should pop up on the big screen in the future.

Brief History

Dormammu made his first appearance in Strange Tales #126-127 in 1964. This creation of Stan Lee and Steve Dikto was the Lord of the Realm of Darkness.

Over the years, we have seen Dormammu battle for control of the alternate dimension and tangle with Doctor Strange on several occasions. One of the more intriguing story-lines was hen he was partners with Loki in an attempt to have the Avengers and Defenders square off against each other.


Yes, he is one of the most powerful beings in the universe and beyond. he can do energy projection, teleportation, necromancy, matter manipulation and more.

But if we had to name one it would be his ability to use this power to have a universal or multiversal scale of influence. There is no denying what the Lord of Darkness can do.


The one problem we see is the level of his power is determined based on his location. While he can hold his on Earth, he is unmatched when it comes to the Dark Dimension. Here he is empowered by the worship of his followers. Good thing it does not translate to Earth.

doctor-strangeBest Hero

Hands down it is the Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange and Dormammu had some epic battles over the years in various realms.

He has been involved with other heroes, most recently as the patron of the Hood in the New Avengers. Maybe it will change in time.


We definitely recommended checking out this villain by picking up a few Doctor Strange comics.

What do you think of Dormammu when it comes to the rest of the villains in the Marvel Universe?


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