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Villain of the Month: Erik Killmonger

Erik Killmonger

Black Panther opens in February and will be featuring an interesting villain.

Erik Killmonger has been a pivotal villain in the history of the Black Panther series and will be making his presence known to the casual Marvel fan.

He is slightly ahead of the game than lesser know Marvel villains like Surtur, but that should change when February rolls around.

How will things shape up for him? Maybe Killmongers will be one of the better MCU villains or are they going to strike out like they did with Malekith.

Brief History

Erik Killmonger first appeared in Panther’s Rage storyline from Jungle Action # 6 and was created by Don McGregor and Rich Buckler.

His origins background started when N’Jadaka’s father was working with Klaw. This ended in N’Jadaka’s father dying and his family being exiled which lead him to living in Harlem NY. He changed his name to Erik Killmonger and vowed avenge his father’s death.

After being brought back into Wakanda by T’Challa under the guise of repairing the fractured past. After several failed attempts to take over T’Challa, Killmonger was killed in battle. The Mandarin claimed him body and used the rings to bring him back to life.

He did have a brief stint as the king of Wakanda when it appeared he had killed the Black Panther. During this time, he took the heart shape herbal potion as it was a king’s right.

Eventually T’Challa returned and took back his rightful place. Killmonger took over a neighboring country of Niganda.His last appearance ended with his death at the hands of Monica Rambeau.


Erik Killmonger has the same physical powers of Black Panther thanks to sharing the similar potion. But it was not acquired easily. He over came a previous weakness to the potion when it poisoned him by not having royal blood. Undaunted, he ended up finding a synthetic version which his body adapted to it.  It is this drive that is the true strength of him if used correctly.


The powers given to him by the hear shaped herbal potion potion is part of his downfall. It gives Killmonger the false confidence that he is able to always end up on the winning side. This thinking has ended Killmonger’s life twice.  A close second is the diplomatic immunity which makes him believe he is above the laws of foreign lands.

Black PantherBest Hero

If you are looking for a true nemesis where the villain is in a constant battle with a hero, then look no further. From the very beginning, it has been Black Panther . The two have squared off numerous times


Sure you can find flashier villains or ones with better powers in the Marvel world. But that is not what makes Erik Killmonger an interesting villain. Instead it is was what drives him that makes you sit up and take notice.

What do you think of Erik Killmonger as a villain?

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