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Villain of the Month: Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor

Where would Metropolis be without Lex trying to right the ship?

When it comes to villains from the ranks of DC Comics, there is one villain, Lex Luthor, that has the chance to take over the Joker’s top spot.

And no, we will not be discussing the Luthor from Batman vs Superman. We will be focused on the comic iteration of him as our talking points.

Brief History – Lex Luthor first appeared in Action Comics #23 in April 1940 and was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. He was depicted as a diabolical genius who lived in a flying city suspended by an airship.

One of our favorite story arcs involving Luthor was as the President of the United States. While it ended in failure for Lex, it was an interesting approach to a villain on how to reach their goals.

Positives – Sure he is smart and has a good deal of money. One of the things that makes him stick out among a host of villains is his persistence. No matter how many times he has failed, Luthor is already working on three other methods to get rid of Superman so he could enact his plan.

Negatives – Honestly, it has to be the current set up we have for him. How many times is the hero or villain super smart, has tons of money and resources to help enact his plan. At times it feels like it is contrived until they add a new wrinkle in there for him.

Best Hero – There is none other than the Man of Steel, Superman. Some of the best story lines has centered around these two characters over the years. Outside of him, it would be a tossup.

Overall – Luthor is an interesting villain and deserves to be one of the top DC ones of all times.

Not only is he open to trying new avenues to achieve his means, he seems to have an easier course than most comic villains.

On a side note, we still think Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom is the best way to truly save the DC movies.

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