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Villain of the Month: Mysterio


Sometimes lesser known villains can provide more of a punch for the heroes.

When you discuss second tier villains from the Marvel universe, the Spider-man villain Mysterio is one of the first to come to mind.

Villains are a key to the development of a hero. If they are a quality villain, then can help them grow and shine. On the flip side, if the villain is boring, they can drag the story down.

Brief History

Mysterio was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in the The Amazing Spider-man #13 in June 1964. Quinton Beck was a special effects wizard and stunt man. When he realized his Hollywood career was going nowhere, he decided to use his abilities for a life of crime.

There are several story arcs over the years where Beck has joined other villains to take on the Marvel heroes. One of the more intriguing ones involve the Sinister Six as they attempt to defeat Spider-man but are eventually thwarted.


Mysterio has no super powers, but rather relies upon his special effects devices and stage illusions. The most impressive part is the use of various chemicals to create smoke screens or hallucinogens to cause confusion with his target.


The one downside to the character is how his life ended. After failing to defeat Daredevil, Beck was down on his luck and depressed. ended up taking his life for real this time. Though the arc could lead Beck to this conclusion, it is felt as an easy out instead of taking another path.

Best Hero

There can be no other than our favorite web-head, Spider-Man. The two have had a long history with each other and have ended up shaping their futures.


In the end, Mysterio is an interesting villain with an even more interesting visual appearance. He may never make a top tier list of Marvel villains but holds a special place.

We are more than curious to see how things shape up in the coming Spider-man movie.

Let us know what you think of Mysterio and how it will play out in Spider-man: Far from Home.

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