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Villain of the Month: Ocean Master

Ocean Master

In a few months, the world will know his name.

The newest addition to the DC Universe, Aquaman, is going to feature Ocean Master, a villain not many are aware of like the popular Black Manta.

Orm Curry, the half brother of Arthur Curry has proven to be a major thorn in his side over the years. Now is the chance to learn a little more about him before the casual fan is exposed to him. He is definitely not as known as some of those from Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

For the purposes of this discussion, we will focus on the different variations of Orm.


Ocean Master first appeared in Aquaman #29 (September 1966) and was created by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy. He was preent as the son of Tom Curry and Mary O’Sullivan. He grew up int he shadows of his half-brother and resent Aquaman because he was only human and had no special powers.

As with most characters in comics, there have been several variations of Orm over the years due, like Post-Crisis and the New 52.

One of the more interesting story arcs came under the new 52 is Throne of Atlantis. Here we see Orm wage war on the city of Boston and bring in the sea creatures known as the Trench to win the war. Though the Justice League ends up prevailing, this arc provides us with some great imagery.


The newest version is on par with Aquaman but the one we liked was the Pre-Crisis version. He was a high tech sea pirate who utilized many innovative gadgets and weaponry during his early years. He even utilized a special device that enabled him and his men to brave the depths of the sea without fear of the environment or drowning. Things got even more interesting when he learned to use some of the Altantean mystical relics.


Hands down has to be the Post-Crisis version of the Ocean Master. He started off with no powers until he made a deal with the demon Neron, Ocean Master could manipulate magical energy once again. Eventually he got some additional powers but it felt more force than anything.

Best Hero

Simple enough here, Aquaman. Sure the Ocean Master has taken on members of the Justice League and has had some interesting battles, but none of them live up to what he and Aquaman have gone through.

You can always chose your friends, but not your family.


Ocean Master is an interesting villain and shines if give the right set of circumstance. We are hoping the newest DC movie does him justice, but we don’t have high hopes for it.

What do you think of the villain Ocean Master?

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