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Villain of the Month: Ronan the Accuser

Ronan the Accuser

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie brought several lesser known heroes to mainstream but they did bring some villains along with them.

Ronan the Accuser made his film debut but despite his ending, we felt he would be the perfect addition to the villain of the month lineup.

While Ronan is on the same page as Dormammu, in terms of Marvel movie villains, what you saw on the big screen was not completely accurate.

Brief History

Ronan the Accuser first appeared in Fantastic Four # 65 when he was sent to Earth to punish the group for the destruction of a robotic Kree Sentry.  His mission ended in a failure but promoted the Kree Empire to spy on Earth and learn more about them.

Over the years, Ronan had several fights with Captain Marvel and took up against the Skrull empire on several occasions.  At one point, he made a deal with the Inhumans. He offered his help against the Skrull Secret Invasion but only if Crystal married him.

The majority of the time, Ronan sits on the fringes of the main Marvel story-lines.


His primary weapon, an Accuser Cosmic-Rod called the “Universal Weapon”, is what makes Ronan a deadly foe. It can absorb and fire cosmic energy, manipulate matter or gravity fields, and even create time displacement fields.

This highly trained Kree has been able to master the weapon for close to long range combat, making it difficult to break through his offensive attacks.


Ronan made be adequate when it comes to hand to hand combat, he is less of a villain without his primary weapon. He definitely loses that edge ad becomes less feared. Another flaw of Ronan was his over confidence, but this is a trait seen in most comic villains.

Best Hero

Normally we choose to select a single hero but for Ronan, the only one we could have selected was the Fantastic Four. Every since they group paired off against the Accuser, they have proved to be a thorn in his side and stopping him every chance they could.


When it comes to villains, Ronan is the middle of the pack and does not really stand out. Sure Ronan did not warrant be adding to the worst Marvel villains but there is some room for improvement for him. Especially considering most would not know his name had it not been for the first GOTG movie.

Let us know what you think of our villain, Ronan the Accuser.



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