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Villain of the Month: Shocker


Not every villain needs to be the cream of the crop but it does not make them any less dangerous.

 Shocker is not one of the most well-known villains in Marvel, like Carnage but we felt it was time to give him some love.

Sure part of it has to do with the two versions we saw in the recent Spider-man Homecoming movie. But every since he popped up in the Marvel Universe, he has been an intriguing character.

Brief History

The Shocker first appeared in The Amazing Spider-man #44. The character, Herman Schultz, was a career criminal who had an inventive side. He created gauntlets that used air blasts vibrating at a high frequency and began his career under the new moniker. His costumer was an interesting one and earned him the title of Pineapple Man among some comic fans.

Over the years, he has worked with several villain teams, like the Masters of Evil or the Sinister Six. During the Infinity Wars, he eventually turned on Doctor Octopus after he found at the side of various heroes.

Currently in Marvel Now!, he is a member of the Sinister Six and has been named the new don of the New York underworld.


This bad guy has no super human powers but has been able to go head to head with various heroes. The gauntlets and shock absorbing armor has made him a dangerous foe


The main problem we see with this villain is the overall concern he have with protecting his reputation. This fouled logic has led to Shocker’s defeat on several occasions. If he was able to move past this, we think he could move up the villain ranks.

Spider-manBest Hero

There was no doubt Spider-man was going to claim this spot. The web head has ha his share of run ins with the villain and has come out on top majority of the time. Spider-man pushes the villain to his limits, making sure there is no easy score. .


While the Shocker may not be one of the most impressive villains in the Marvel catalog, he proves to be a decent opponent to bring out of the closet every so often.

Let us know what you think of the Shocker.




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