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Villain of the Month: Steppenwolf


The long awaited Justice League movie will give the casual fans a chance to meet a new villain.

This November, the DC Comics team-up movie will feature Steppenwolf as the main villain who will push Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, & Aquaman o their limits.

Most people may have missed the first appearance of the villain in Batman vs Superman unless you watched the deleted scenes.


Steppenwolf first appeared in New Gods # 7 which was released in February 1972. He was brought in as the Uncle of Darkseid and leads the military of Apokolips. He is one of the earliest survivors when Doomsday attacks on Bylan 5. At the end of his first appearance run, Steppenwolf is killed by their hated rival, Highfather.

He was brought back in New Gods V2 # 6 but is often viewed as a shell of his former self since he is left to fight heroes like the Flash and lead Darkseid’s army.

The New 52 version led the massive invasion of the parademons on against Earth. While it is unsuccessful, the DC Trinity met their end by the time the war is over.


He is one of Darkseid’s top generals for a reason. His combat skills and military leadership has been hone over a thousand years and makes him a formidable foe. When you combine it with his physical prowess, then any hero is going to have trouble.


The biggest negative we see with this villain is not so much the character but the people behind the character. After DC retconned their universe, they bumped him down on his list and his place in in question.

DC TrinityBest Hero

It was hard to pick on hero here and instead we went with the DC Trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The trio have teamed up in the past to battle him and have not always come out on top.


Steppenwolf has the potential to be a decent villain and make his presence known in the DC universe but the creative minds are holding him back.  He would have been better off had they stuck with the original background.

Sure he may never land on our best DC Villain list, but he does have some potential

Let us know what you think of Steppenwolf and if DC Comics is taking the right path in Justice League.

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