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Villain of the Month: Surtur


A lesser known villain who has big implications in the Marvel universe.

Surtur, the fire demon from the extradimensional plane of Muspelheim is the bringing of destruction for Asgard and our Villain of the month.

Most casual Marvel fans got their first introduction to villain in Thor Ragnarok but he has been around for sometime.

Brief History

The fire giant first appeared in Journey into Mystery #97 and was the collaboration of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  He was adapted from Norse mythology and is brought in via a flashback with Odin, who we seem imprisoning him. Loki frees him and chaos ensues.

Over the years, Surtur takes on Thor several different times for various reasons. It culminated with Thor letting the demon to storm Asgard and put an end to the cycle of rebirth/death of Norse Gods.

He has often been referred to as one Top 10 Most Heinous Enemies of Thor.


Surtur shares several things with other demon like beings but what sets him apart is Twilight. This giant sword, often referred to as as the Sword of Doom. The sword is composed of a rare metal, Scabrite and is capable of manipulating mystical energy to shatter dimensional barriers or even restrict Odin’s powers.


While Surtur is quite powerful, he does have several weakeness. For starters, he is weak to intense cold. There are several magical spells or beings who wield cosmic energy powers are able to contain him.

Best Hero

This was a touch decision than others villains we have looked at. On the surface you might think we go with Thor, the god of thunder. You do have to give consideration for Odin de to their never ending death battle. The Norse god comes out a smidge ahead.


There is nothing truly amazing about Surtur that makes him a unique villain but there is something about him that makes him interesting. Perhaps it is the basis of Norse mythology or the sheer power he can control thanks to the Enternal Flame. Either way, Surtur can be a force to deal with. 

Let us know what you think of Surtur.


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