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Villain of the Month: Taskmaster


Anything you can do, he can do better.

When it comes to the Marvel villain, Taskmaster, he is a character we have limited knowledge on and until recently did not have much desire to learn more. 

For the purposes of this discussion, we will not be discussing the character from the Black Widow movie. Though there are some interesting theories out there on it and the primary reason for our deep dive. 

There have been previous villains, like Black Manta or Erik Killmonger, that turned out to be more intriguing than we once thought. Here is to hoping it is for our newest addition.

Brief History

The character, Tony Masters, first appeared in The Avengers #195 (May 1980) and was created by writer David Michelinie and artist George Perez. He received his first dedicated series in 2002 with a four issue series. Over the years he was  a supporting character in various issues, including significant time as the central character in #20–35 (2009–2010) during the Dark Reign and Siege storylines.

Marvel CharactersPositives

Hands down it has to be his photographic reflexes or the ability the mimic physical movements after witnessing them thanks to the SS-Hauptsturnfuhrer primer. This has helped him over the years whether he is taking on a super heroes or completing a task for a client. Some writers have not called this ability as a super hero power. No matter what they call it, it is something interesting. But the downside is his personal memories suffers. 


The biggest knock we have is the lack of depth. There are time when they have given the character to work with. The majority of the time, he is seen as a secondary character. But in the end, we feel this character will not have his due that deserved. . 

Best Hero

There are a few to choose from, but in the end we had to go with the Avengers. Over the years, we have seen various members take on Taskmaster during different story lines. We did find his interactions with Spider-man to be more intriguing mainly due to Peter Parker’s spidey sense. 


The more he read, the more we realized how much more we wanted to learn about the character. We do think there is more potential here for Marvel to share with us. Perhaps we will get to see more after it is all said and done.

What are your thoughts on the villain, Taskmaster?

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