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Villain of the Month: Thanos


The casual fans will be seeing the mad titan in action shortly.

Thanos has been teased over the years in the Marvel Universe but what we will see come to life this week is only a small peek into one of the top villains in Marvel.

Brief History

Thanos first appeared in Iron Man # 55 in February of 1973 and the storyline would be continued through Captain Marvel.  He made his rounds but disappeared for a bit until the 1990’s where he made a big return to the Marvel world.

Specifically they were the Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Watch.

The first one watched as Thanos killed half of the universe to show his affection for Mistress Death and resulted in being one of the top sellers for Marvel. The latter one centered more around Thanos being a member of a six person group who were charged with protecting the Infinity stones.

While he drifts in and out of the Marvel universe, his presence is truly felt when he returns.


He has superior strength, intelligence, able to absorb cosmic energy, while maintaining some telekinetic powers. Despite all of these attributes, there is one that stands above all else.

His ability to focus and remain locked in when he finds something that has capture his attention. This is most evident when he centers in on Mistress Death.


The focus he has for Mistress Death is also a burden for Thanos. No matter how many times he has tried to move beyond her, he has been unable. To the point where he even sired countless children and became a pirate. Only to have Mistress Death show up and results in Thanos killing his offspring and  crew.

Best Heroes

This was a tough one based on the sheer number of heroes he goes up against. Multiple times too. When it is all said and done, we decided to stick with the Avengers as a whole. Sure it might seem as the easy way out but it makes the most sense considering how he and the group have been tied together over the years.


When it comes to Marvel villains, there are not too many like Thanos and that is a good thing. The heroes of the universe would be in for a world of hurt if there was more like him.

As for those who feel he is nothing without his Infinity Gauntlet, they will be pleasantly surprised if they pick up a few of the story arcs where he is the main focus.

What are your thoughts on Thanos and his impact on the Marvel world?

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