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Villain of the Month: The Joker


When you think of the top villains in the DC, no the comic universe, there is one that comes to mind.

The criminal mastermind, the Joker, has plagued the heroes of the DC universe over the years and has proven to be as popular, if not more so, than some of them.

Brief History

He first appeared in Batman # 1 as the first villain for the detective. The original plan was to kill him off after the initial appearance after he was stabbed in the heart. We think countless fans are glad they went against this line of thought.

Over the early years, he grew in popularity and even garnered his own origins story in Detective Comics #164. The iconic villain did not hit his stride until the 1980’s when comics fans were treated with The Dark Knight Returns and the Killing Joke.

Fans of the laughing clown were treated to amazing characterizations of the Joker by Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Mark  Hamil. You can see the current incarnation of the Joker in the LEGO Batman movie.


There are a few to choose from but we are opting to go with the ability to reinvent himself over the years. Some times he has been the true clown of crime, other times he has been the most psychotic villains in the DC universe.

The fact the creators are able to make a minor shift in the psyche and give us a complete new look on him, makes the Joker like no other.


Over saturation. While he is the top villain in DC, some comic fans have their limits when it comes just how much the people at DC want to focus on the Joker. There are only so many times we can see him go head to head with Bats and come out on the losing end.

We would love to see DC let the Clown Prince take a side seat and give some other villains some love.

BatmanBest Hero

Sure the Clown Prince has taken on various heroes from the DC Universe, but there is none who can take this spot from Batman. The two have had epic battles over the years, involving beating each other to a pulp physically and mentally. They are the perfect match in terms of comic heroes and villains.


 There are so many more things we could share about the Joker but we would run out of space. In the end, he is going to go down as the most iconic villains in the history of comics.

Let us know what you think of the Joker as being the top villain in the DC Universe.

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