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Villain of the Month: The Skrulls


The casual Marvel fan was introduced to a light version of these villains.

The Marvel universe introduced fans to a new race, the Skrulls, but comic fans know there is more to then than they let on.

Previously we have covered villains like Thanos or Kilmonger, but this time around we decided to focus on a race.

Brief History – The race know as the Skrulls first appeared in Fantastic Four # 2 and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. They showed up more down the road and eventually made their way over to the Avengers #92.

The Skrulls were created by the Celestials when they were conducting genetic experiments on their reptilian ancestors. This results in three branches within their race. The Prime, Deviants, and Eternals. The three battled it out with the Deviants side winning outright.

Over the year, they were involved in several impressive story arcs, but the ultimate one was The Secret Invasion. This centered around them infiltrating Earth and taking the place of our mightiest heroes. Eventually the invasion failed and set the Skrull empire back.

Positives – Hands down it has to be the ability to Shapeshift and mimic anything organic or inorganic. This alone makes them a dangerous foe for anyone they go up against. This was evident in the Secret Invasion story arc.

Negatives – While they can use shapeshifting to their benefit, it does come with a price. The growing instability in their molecules can cause problems for them. In addition, they did grow into a more technology driven society which would backfire at times.

Best Hero – They have taken on just about all of the main Marvel heroes so it makes sense we go with the biggest group, the Avengers as the best heroes. The story lines alone are more than worth it.

Overall – In the end, the Skrulls are a formidable force for anyone, even the Avengers. We hope they will return in future movies and cause more chaos for our heroes.

Let us know what you think of the Skrulls and there place in the history of comic villains.

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