WandaVision Pop Figures Arriving in December

WandaVision Pop Figures

Celebrated WandaVision over the years.

The WandaVision Pop Figures may seem like a waste of a new line but Funko made sure Marvel fans would love them.

Funko has done a decent job with Marvel Pop Figures with the occasional miss, which was a good sign for this new line. 

The following figures will be featured. 

  • 50s Wanda
  • 50s Vision Chase Variant
  • 70s Wanda
  • 70s Vision Gamestop Exclusive
  • Halloween Wanda
  • Halloween Vision

Here are some images of the Pop Figures.

The choices made for WandaVision could have not been better. If gives you a wide variety from the 50s to the 70s, along with a festive setting. The Chase Variant is also a nice touch with a different look for Vision.

Despite this, we do see a mistake was made. Since they are releasing Halloween versions of Wanda and Vision, perhaps it would have worked better to release them in October?

Either way, you should be able to find these at your local retailers around the beginning of December. Good hunting Funko lovers.

Which of these WandaVision Pop Figures would you add to your collection?

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