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WBD Made a Smart Movie with James Gunn

There is hope for DC films.

James Gunn and Peter Safran were named co-heads this week by WBD and have come to realize there is some potential with their choices.

This bit of news gave us some hope. We want to see both brands succeed because it will make them better. 

There are some people who have expressed there disdain for the choice. We have been confused about some of the arguments why Gunn is a bad hire.

One reason is they do not like his mix of humor in his movies. We would hope Gunn would let the directors flesh out there own style for each movie instead of him putting his stamp on everything. It would be a weird choice if he went that route.

Another argument was the lack of financial success of the soft reboot for The Suicide Squad. Outside of dealing with a pandemic, the movie did a good job of breathing more life into the characters. This makes the connection with the audience, a reason why the MCU has been successful.

He will do things right for the current DC fans, but will steer the ship to bring in the casual fan. 

Last but not least, there seems to be a mix of Snyder fans who see it as a good or bad thing for the chance of their director to return. Let it breathe some. Snyder is working on different projects now. 

We think Gunn and Safran will have a game plan together on how they want to proceed with their vision. If it involves Snyder, cool. If not, cool too.

What are your thoughts on the hiring of James Gunn?

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